Summerhill Square

Autumn in one on the Cities great Squares
DSC2932  Winchester Terrace DSC2935  Winchester Terrace DSC2939  Summerhill DSC2941  St Anne's Convent
DSC2942  St Anne's Convent DSC2944  Summerhill DSC2945  Cobbled road. Summerhill DSC2946  Summerhill Square. Entrabnce to green space
DSC2949  Summerhill DSC2951  Railings and green spoace. Summerhill DSC2952  Former Synogogue. Summerhill DSC2953  Terrace on east side. Summerhill
DSC2959  Summerhill DSC2961  Summerhill DSC2962  Early villas. Summerhill DSC2964  Fungi. Summerhill
DSC2968  Rear of Discovery Museum. Summerhill DSC2969  Newly renovated campus tower block Newcastle College DSC2970  New Sixth Formn College. Rye Hill DSC2972  Rye Hill – Westmorland Road. Area undergoing rapid redevelopment
DSC2973  Discovery Museum Newcastle DSC2975  Memorial to Pte Adam Wakenshaw V.C. DSC2976  Discovery Museum from St James Boulevard DSC2978  St James Boulevard
DSC2982  Discovery Museum Newcastle DSC2985  Challenger tank. Built at former Vickers factory at Scotswood DSC2990  Blandford Square DSC2996  19th century buildings surviving on Blandford Square
DSC3000  Developing planting on Blandford Square DSC3005  Westgate Road Hill DSC3007  St James – Westgate Road junction