Ouseburn July 2013 Part II

Part two of a photographic study of the Ouseburn as it flows down from Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, natural green lung for a great city.
P7160041 P7160044 P7160048 P7160049
P7160051 P7160052 P7160053 P7160054
P7160056 P7160057 P7160058 P7160060
P7160065 P7160075 P7160083 P7160084
P7160085 P7160086 P7160088 P7160095
P7160050 P7160067 P7160072 P7160079
P7160082 P7160070 P7160090 P7160094
P7160097 P7160089 P7160099