Ouseburn 25.02.14

A photograph record of a walk between the twin moths of the Ouseburn culvert February 2014.
P2250053  Lower Ouseburn Culvert P2250042  Ouseburn looking towards the Tyne P2250041  The magnificent East Coast Main Line railway bridge at Byker as restored P2250037  Original culvert entrance at Lower Ouseburn
P2250035  Coltsfoot, harbinger's of Spring P2250033  The Lower Ouseburn's collection of bridges P2250032  Embankment below 'battlefield' P2250030  Clusters of snow drops adorning the embankment
P2250027  The fissures on one of the older poplars planted along the embankment above Lower Ouseburn P2250024  Clump of trees against wintry sky scape at 'threatening' Battlefield P2250023  A fallen tree P2250107  Late sunshine at battlefield
P2250020  Raised beds? The former work camp for the restoration of the East Coast Main Line railway bridge is receiving this strange treatment. Any one's guess as to what to expect. P2250018  Another clump of trees that has matured down the years. Home to many birds species P2250016  Students on the well used and respected five-a-side football play arena P2250004  White blossom on a decorative cherry tree
P2250009  Catkins growing ever larger on an alder tree beside battlefield P2250002  Crocuses abound now P2250109  Where the Ouseburn ran ... It still does of course, below this busy road P2250110  Looking south down the route the Ouseburn took to meet the Tyne in the gorge below
P2250111  The Ouseburn dene (valley) crossed this street P2250112  Stylish (and unnecessary) park style gates lead to the Ouseburn P2250119  The northern entrance to the Ouseburn culvert, well below modern day street level P2250122  The culvert begins with a drop to increase water flow towards the Tyne