Battlefield 02.06.14

Walk made on 2nd June around Battlefield, Newcastle upon Tyne UK.
hemsley 01  Wet weather; but one of the trees that were  (mis)planted two years ago has survived and serves as a useful bike tether. hemsley 02  Oxford Ragwort (small petals). Taken to Oxford in the 18th century from the slopes of Vesuvius, it rapidly travelled around Britain spread by train and now car slipstreams. It grows without the need to find soil and with stands drought. dinsdale place 01  De Chirico's Turin. Not the weather, obviously. dinsdale place 02
dinsdale place 03  You know you are old when the spray artists are getting older too. dinsdale place 04  Unlovely as it is, I think this building has something like character. warwick street 01 warwick street 02  Threatening?
warwick street 03  Grass cuttings. battlefield 01 battlefield 02 battlefield 03  Elderflower. Almost a weed, elder is a lovely, resiliant shrub
battlefield 04  Will this footpath ever be restored to the public? I watch and wait. battlefield 05 battlefield 06 battlefield 07  Flower show.
battlefield 08 battlefield 09 battlefield 10  You are now entering threatening Battlefield. Great isn't it? battlefield 11
battlefield 12  I never seem to come across the horses from Stepney Bank stables. Their exercise paddock is a welcome addition. battlefield 13 battlefield 14 battlefield 15
battlefield 16  Old friend fallen on hard times refuses to give in. That's right! battlefield 17 battlefield 18  No, I don't know what's going on here either. byker 01  View towards the Civic Centre ...