A round of golf

Images taken on 8th April 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Beginning at the site of King Charles the First's detention after defeat in the 17th century English Civil War (1642-1649) the photographs follow the path Charles took when out playing golf, a past time of which he appears to have been most fond. In this cross section modern day Newcastle has also prospered and suffered architecturally in line with the rise and fall of history.
P4080003  Now a bank occupies the site of the house where Charles the First (or, Charles Stuart, that man of blood! - resided as prisoner of the Scots waiting to be ransomed to the English Parliament. P4080004 P4080008  A plaque commemorates Charles the First's period of captivity in the city. P4080009
P4080010  Currently awaiting a future, this dazzling example of confident 20th century building shames what came after, and not very far off ... P4080011  Pilgrim Street. Not a lot to say for itself. This entire block awaits a future as the US investor's who own it await developments. The successful Vane Gallery occupies space in this archytypical concrete box. P4080012  A beautifu vista ... P4080014
P4080015  A vista blocker (no kidding). P4080017  Beautiful detailing on this colossal commercial building. P4080018  Sweeping facade waiting for a purpose fit for it. P4080019
P4080020 P4080021  New new library building, light and airy. Nothing more, just light and airy. P4080022  Not light nor airy, just a mess. P4080023
P4080025  The old town wall and P4080026  Built at the end of the dire years, this hotel is pure dinge. P4080027  Brave old Oxford Dance Hall where afternoon tea daces were once held. P4080030  It's as if they realised they have a dreadful building on their hands.
P4080031  Soul less, pointless. Why is there a pavement? P4080032  New Bridge Street ran over this once. Now it is the Central Motorway, a disaster that almost killed the city stone dead. P4080033 P4080034  Too late. Manors Metro. Within a decade or so of the construction of the Central Motorway. Metro arrived to link Tyneside seamlessly together.
P4080037  Shieldfield Parish Church and the University of Northumbrias Manors buildng. One of the few new buildings with a serious claim to attention. P4080041  This area in 1649 would have been all fields ... P4080042  Shieldfield Parish Church. Very 'Rev' I think. (BBC reference) P4080043  60s T. Dan Smith high rise, Shieldfield has three tower blocks where once a King of England, Scotland and Ireland played golf.
P4080044  "KIng Charles Tower" and end of the road (almost). Charles would be executed on 30th January 1649 charlesFirst  King Charles the First (1600-1649)